Fashion is everywhere, and the majority individuals prefer to be a fashionabale !

Fashion is everywhere, fashion surrounds us and the majority individuals prefer to be described as a trendy part of population.
Sadly, not each is able to afford to buy a trendy clothing taken just from runaways and designed by well-known and gifted style designers.
Nearly everyone of inhabitants purchase dress in regular dress stores where clothes are created in China, India or Italy and are imported to destination areas like the United Kingdom or Ireland.

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However, the majority of those clothes are made by people who have been motivated by the fashion shows. The creators have changed some parts of clothes, put some ornaments or modified only color of the clothes and then they sell it as theirs. Some individuals claim that dress companies take the designs of the most well-known fashion creators and they are right. That is why, progressively fashion designers cooperate with large clothes corporations.

It must be mentioned one important thing- style market is 1 of the most competitive commerce. People who “use” somebody’s work do not care about the facts and emotions which were added into doing the job. They just would like to earn cash – in fast and dishonest way.

Nevertheless, fashion is something more than a big industry and fashion creators fights. fashion has 5 targets. They are:
1) Useful goal – it provides us warm
2) Ethics goal– it covers our intimacy
3) Ornamental goal- it makes individuals look better
4) Sexual target – it pays attention to other people
5) Formal aim– it presents individuals’s points of view and jobs they do
All those targets are powerful to the individuals. Some of them can be mixed.

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However, most of them are applied unconnectedly. Several individuals go shopping and purchase dress just of a certain kind – for instance, businessmen are able to buy just an official clothing when they want to manage a successful business.
No matter if you like style or not, you are involved in it-if not, you will go bare. Style offers us the basic needs- a need to keep our intimacy covered. It is a very important aspect for both individuals- poor and rich ones.