What we learn about abroad hospitals from American soap operas? Few examples of behaviors that we won’t find in Polish medical institutes.

Who don’t watch only few episodes of House M.D.? Sometimes only because they were curious some case or part with favorite doctor. Lot of people like to share heart and healthy cases with actors in Grey’s Anatomy and ER. And after tough time in work they need to comfortably lay in their bed and giggle with next episode of favourite series. Why we like that series so much? Is that in few percent real?


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Unfortunately – not at all.. With all fresh hospital soap operas appear info that one of the main personality is based on true someone from past. This same in our country . I think that if someone want to make a soap operas about our specialists doing dental treatment abroad he should find several persons who want to narrate their stories. Likely when we mention about patients. There is many stories which can be use in TV, but they are usually sad. Many people are searching anything that prosaic as dental treatment abroad. So it is one of the reasons why we are watching American or English soap operas. They are that much funnier than our national one. Don’t forget that it is specific kind of humor cause it is based on spoken and situation gags not only on popular and well known scenes. Next case is cast. Actors and actress in series are all young and refreshed day by day. In normal hospital it is impossible, cause doctors have night change, all day shifts and after that they need to go back to their house and try to spend normal day with family.

Many times they cannot and decide to live alone.

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Last thing is something visible. Hospitals in soap operas are truly beautiful. Enormous spaces, plants and a lot of pleased persons. In regular medical institute there is queue with many sick persons and in series we have place where we can see one sick main character for actual episode. That one looks pretty nice but I guess that that can’t be true. Even if it is based on facts. A hundred percent true facts are just in Documentary.So when next time we will watch medical series don’t forget about mentioned cases. Don’t forget that our national hospitals will never be that same like that beautiful one in American series.